Is Fall The Best Time For Pressure Washing?

As September comes to a close this year and the days get shorter and shorter the first thing on your mind in the morning probably isn't pressure washing, but should it be on your mind at all this time of year? The short answer? Yes. Especially if you haven't had your home cleaned already this year. Here's why.

The main culprit for dirtying up your house is most likely algae. Algae will grow wherever it can but it prefers shady damp surfaces and can show up vividly on your wooden or vinyl siding. Because of the humid summers in Houston, we tend to experience much more algae build up than the average house in other cities. This isn't healthy for your home or you as built up algae, mold, and pollen on your home is one of the main contributors to a lingering allergy season. Not to mention the fact that as we approach the winter solstice the days will continue to get shorter which means a more shady environment for algae to accumulate in.

Another reason to have your home exterior cleaned this Fall is to prepare for any friends and family coming for the upcoming holidays. Everyone goes through all the trouble of cleaning every spec of dust inside their home but when the relatives pull up to your home wouldn't it be nice to surprise them with a fresh clean house or a shiny new driveway?

And lastly, a great reason to pressure wash your driveway in the fall is so that all of those leave, branches, pinecones, and acorns will be blown away from your driveway while it's being cleaned. This may not seam that important but if your home is prone to falling leaves and acorns then this could be imperative to holding the value of your property. "tree stains" or otherwise known as tannin stains can accumulate from leaving leaves and other plant debris on your driveway for too long. After the stain settles, pressure washing alone will not be enough to completely clean this stain. To remove it, you would have to have someone chemically treat it with an acid strong enough to penetrate the concrete which can be costly at times. It is more economically friendly to prevent these stains by having your driveway pressure washed every 1-2 years.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! On behalf of LC Pressure Washing, I hope you all have a great Autumn season!

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